Some Days Are Gayer Than Others

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Ok,so I only made a journal entry yesterday,and I was moaning and being fairly miserable,as I wallowed in
my own self loathing,but I'm actually feeling better today,so I figured that I would make a journal entry
while I actually feel kind off good.As I think nearly every entry I make is me rambling on about how I'm
Yesterday I was moaning about not wanting to go to a party because I wanted to stay home alone and just be
a recluse.However I forced myself to go because I didn't want to offend anyone,and I have to say it was
the best night ever.We drank and sang and danced all night.It was a total blast!!I'm so totally happy I
decided to go so yay!
Also this will probably sound weird but does anyone else find some days are gayer than others?I know that
sounds a little bizare,but I think I am bi,and I seem to go through phases of just being crazy about
girls,and its them that I spend my time checking out,and thinking about.Then I go through phases of
being into guys and I'm hardly interested in girls at all.Basically what I'm trying to say is does anyone
else thats bi,go through stages where they are kind of gayer than other times.
I'm not sure if my increased interest in guys from time to time is me desperatly clutching to some
vestiges of hetrosexuality,or just genuinly bisexuality.
I am physically attracted to both so I probably am bisexual,but I don't know,sometimes I just seem gayer
than other times.
Ok so that turned into a ramble I didn't expect.I better go get some sleep now.


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well at least two of us feel the same way....

I can relate, although from the flip side of the coin since I am a guy. Sometimes I really just want to be with a female but then there come the times when I want to be with a guy, but seeing as how i am not exactily comfortable with my bisexuality, it is hard to fufill that need.