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Bonjour! How are the Oasians today/night? I'm swell! I suppose.....

I think I need new OR more friends (more friends is much better)! Or a girlfriend (I wish) I also need to move out of this town and into a city so I can find more like-minded people who are interested in some of the things I am interested in. Yes, it would be quite wonderful to move! Ah well....While I'm stuck here I guess I could just continue on working to be more outgoing and self confident and such. Then when I do move to a city, I can actually make friends!

SWITCH...I want to talk about something else

I feel as though my life has lost meaning. When I knew I had another year of high school coming in other years, I felt that I had time to sort things out. Now, life is starting and I don't know what to do with it! The things I used to be interested in are too hard to get myself to continue doing and the way I used to act had people liking me, but not really knowing who I was or paying any mind to me at all....I didn't want them to anyway. I know people say its better for people to hate you for what you are that like you for what you're not, but I want everyone to like me!! I know thats not possible, and thats what makes it so hard. *sigh*


I really have no idea how I come across to other people. In person or on the internet. I think I always come up with the worst perception in my head because it seems like I'm always prepared for worse reations than I get....Other people have to tell me how I come across or else I really have no idea. And its pretty much impossible for me to just not think about it! Anyone else feel that way all the time?


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I know how you..and as a resu

I know how you..and as a result i got sent to councselling because my parents thought i needed it. I think that trying to be yourself instead of who you are not wil get you friends in the end. The people you hang out with will learn to love you no matter what...if u explain and slowly be yourself it wil make things easier

Don't feel the need to define me...I can define myslef