the girl who wants to die

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every day she wants to die
and every night she wants to cry
she has nothing left to live for
so she'll go to her room and shut the door
and cut her arm slice after slice
she sick of acting nice
and she relizes that she has to go farther
and she thinks "why bother
with life?". she has no place to hide
so she deicdes she'll commit suecide.
she goes to the kitchen to think about life
and then she picks up the butcher knife
but she doesnt want to die
and she begans to cry
but this the way it has to be,
now she thinks "i bet none will miss me"
she cuts her neck,sees the blood flow red,
now she is on the floor dead.

and i do NOT want to kill myself well actually i do but i never would! this is just a poem that i made up about a week ago it doesnt mean anything i was going to right a happy poem becuz i was happy that day but i suck at writing happy poems so i started thinking and this poem just came to mind but i mean i totally relate to the poem and it like totaly reprazents me but i would never kill myself. and sorry this after message was so long but im sick of whenever i write a poem like this people are like "omg! dont kill yourself you have so much to live for" itgets like REALLY annoying. thank you for reading all this


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hey vic i like your poem is so cool and so goth, well is cool, awsome...;-)

***i love rainbows***

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lol yeah it is really gothic.

lol yeah it is really gothic... and thank you! it rox cuz i rock!! lol just kiddin, i suck

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say no to suck

no whay i think u rock all the whay ;-)..u'r funny(u never suck)

~~i wish i had magic~~

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That is powerful

I can totally relate to it and I like how the language is so straightfoward.Well done,good job!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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lol nooo i suck! and thank yo

lol nooo i suck! and thank you the ghost.

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I really like it.I heart poem

I really like it.I heart poems that rhyme. I like how its desciptive so you can see it when youre reading it. If that makes any sense at all.

Hooked up to the respirator.
It breaths life into my callused lungs.
My heart beats getting fainter.
I know my time has come.

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it makes sence lol and thank

it makes sence lol and thank you SOO much!