The inner workings of my mind

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Im going to a party tonight and my ex is going to be there. We broke up two weeks ago because we both realized she was straight. So now i need to find something to wear that basically says fuck you i dont need you but i love you and your my best friend. I know im wierd like that. Its going to be EXTREMELY awkward. Espically since we hang around with the same group of friends. My advice people is never to date a person when they are confused. Its seriously not worth it. And it makes everything harder. Maybe by some myracle there will be an amzing gay girl there. Im too optmistic.
In other areas of my life i've been thinking about going to Outright Vermont. Its this group for teenagers and stuff who are gay. The thing is im too scared to go alone. Im extremly shy i cant help it though. Maybe il convince one of my bi friends to go with me.
Final thing i swear. Does anybody have any pictures of some cool haircuts cause im getting sick of mine. It will have to be short because i just donated to locks of love so my hair is like pretty short already. Alright im gonna go.
Oh i almost forgot Ani Difranco is coming to VT im psyched. I love her she is AMAZING.