The Petco

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Seriously, the Petco is fucking me over--damn the Petco! So, Yesterday I worked 6.00--10.30 and today I worked 12.00-4.30, which aside from the fact that an hour of the 14 I had off was spent walking to and from, wasn't too bad, just a little close. Tomorrow I work 1.30--10.00...and Sunday I work 10.00--6.30. So I get eleven hours in between not counting travel? That's when I get to sleep and eat and bathe and relax? Because I'm kind of thinking maybe I should just camp out over in the dog beds and clean myself up in the bathroom and not leave at all! Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days of the week and it's looking like I'm going to be the only cashier dealing with the people of Marin all weekend...which if you have any idea what some of the people of Marin are like you won't blame me for not being thrilled about.

Why can't I just work easy 4.5 hour shifts all the time? I wouldn't even mind closing every night, I'm just not up to be so damn flexible for the Petco regardless of how amazed they are at my ability to be a cashier and to catch on so quickly--but if you got thrown on main register your first day with hardly any training and left to fend for yourself you'd get efficient quick too.

But, school starts in a week and then I can put the Petco behind me for a time.
Damn the Petco, I just want my money from the Petco...and my discount so I can have pretty fishies in my dorm.