.the way it is.

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i'm falling back into despair
everytime i think of you
even if i don't want to
you're the only thing on my mind
i just wish i was that to you

thinking of that one day we spent together
makes me happy and sad at the same time
i never thought that someone could affect me this way
this time i wasn't the one doing the dumping
i was the one being dumped

how it hurt?
it hurt too much
with all that i have and all that i wanted to give
was just a waste
because you didn't want it

how can someone i met only once
make me fall more than that?
i wish that it could've been
oh how i hate wishing
but its the only thing we've got
our dreams and our wishes
the only thing to do
is to do it

take care of our dreams and wishes
rather than have someone else do it for us
if only i had the strength
if only i had the courage
and if only i had the love to go on

but without it
i'm nothing
just a girl
with dreams and wishes
but doesn't know what to do
with the strength to go on
but no one to go there with her
with feelings to feel
but no one to feel it with
and with the love to give
but no one to take it
and give it back.

*thanks for reading. i respect criticism & opinions..honest ones. so don't be shy & think it sucks. just tell me. i rather have you tell me the truth then lie to me.