things that suck right now...(teen angst alert)

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1. My crush/best friend couldn't call ME today but she *somehow* was able to call my ex gf/ex best friend aka her best friend/ex-crush. I am so angry about this. People not calling is a huge pet peeve of mine.

2. I know I probably won't have the balls to confront her about it so it will just continue to go on and on and on like this.

3. I am so fucking jealous.

4. My close friends are getting on my nerves. They are trying to out-gay me. It's like I'm nothing more then a lesbian to them!!!

5. I am seriously doubting that I will meet any lesbians who would be interested in me for a while.

6. I cannot call my crush/best friend right now to talk to her about this because...well because I know she doesn't want to fucking talk to me.

7. She's pushing me away. I can't stand it. But I also cannot do anything about it until she chooses to get in touch with me. Or at least until tomorrow.

8. I like this girl too fucking much.

9. I hate my ex because she is fucking better than me. GOD I FUCKING HATE HER!!! IF YOU'RE READING THIS....YOU SHOULDN'T BE VERY SURPRISED!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!

10. That didn't make me feel better.

11. The only thing that could make me feel better right now is my fucking crush who is not going to call me today EVEN THOUGH SHE CALLED MY EX.

12. I am EXTREMELY dependant.