This is What we Live For

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When the sun breaks the cold durance of the night
And the light calls you home to salvation
Then you’ll know I’m there
In essence eternal caressing your tears
And soothing your pain laden heart
Like a boat filling fast
I’ll bail you out
I’ll save you
I’ll love you
But do this for me first
This wish upon a star
Hold my hand
When darkness breaks the front lines
And the light a prisoner of war
As hope falters under hate
And love goes into hiding
Just hold my hand
When the sun comes up black
And the earth another empty galaxy
Our hands will lay entwined
Solidly tender in love’s eternity
Strongly graceful until the end of time
And that, my dear, is beautiful
That, my dear, is what we live for


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That's beautiful. Well done!

Andre The Human Dictionary Strikes Again!!!!!!!!

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I'm not very good at reading poetry and liking it, but I definitely had a party readig this. :]

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