[This may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to]

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Even though he hurt me
I still want to make his day.
I still want him to be happy
in any kind of way.

Though he has me torn,
I have to make it through.
I can't keep telling him
that "I still love you".

He loves someone else
and now I know the truth.
Even though I say it,
I don't love him too.

Gotta get back on my feet.
Keep my head up high.
Keep him away from me
before my sanity
starts to die.

Can't keep him away though.
Can't keep him close.
All he does when he
talks about his new girl
is boast.

But I try to help him out.
I try to make him smile.
Through all my attempts
and his rude words,
it's gonna be awhile.

Still no appreciation.
Through all these tears.
I want to be his friend.
But that's gonna take some years.


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wow that was a really good po

wow that was a really good poem, well there were a few parts that i didnt like but its still pretty good!