u know i dont even have a good title to get anyone here...uhh

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oh my god everything is fucked up..in my head, in my heart..man if i was one who really wasnt scared
pain i know i would have cut myself from all of this..or maybe i jus havent reach that point yet
idk wat goin on but ive lost my bestfriend (who my ex crush) and i jus feel so damn alone and jus damn
and all of this is sooo wrong i mean soooo wrong i jus feel like every god damn thing is against me
tryin so hard to change, destroy me and uhh i jus wish i could be free from all this goddamned pain and
idk...besides all this i cant get my mind of my ex best freind now (not the girl ive been talkin bout)
and it hurts like bad cuz of all the chance i could of had wit her jus keep rollin trough my head
....i jus cant figure how to let this out it wont go and im afraid to confont it ................
i jus feel stupid when i think of how i can confont it..to tell my ex crush how i feel bout the way she treatin me
and jus idk i jus want to know how i can free my self and get on wit life.........................
and besides all of this i want a girlfreind like bad....i guess i want to be free and have someone that gets me and wont abandon me

all the songs that fit me r linkin park songs they jus dont help but tell me wat wrong and fit my probs


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slow down...

first of all, slow down a little bit. cutting doesn't get you anywhere (i should know. i used to cut myself constantly for about 4 years) it only takes away the pain for a second and then you wake up the next morning freaking out about how your gonna hide them. second, getting a girlfriend in the state your in probably isn't a good idea. first figure yourself out. just take a minute to relax and think calmly before you go girlhunting. people are more likely to break up because one person is just so emotionally unstable that they can't appreciate the other person completely. so here's what i say:
put the sharp object down and just think calmly. once you've got yourself sorted out, you should be good to go for a girlfriend. hope everything works out.

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