update to date lol

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man life is so unfair...it is jus so damn hard to tell whos gay and whose straight i mean seriously a girl in my home ec is jus so dang cute and well dang she jus so damn flirtation its killin me and one of my peeps that i sit wit at lunch is really killin wit these mix singnals i means she jus way to touchy for me and my ex crush (whose my bestfriend) thinks i have a crush on her cuz i talk bout her but i dont...she jus so danm touchy flirty feely person and its drivin me bannanas so yeah... schools alrite and lifes cool but i think my grams has been lookin at my stuff if so im gonna rite i note and be all like cussin her out..well byz


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It gets easier once you are out of the closet, since they will be less likely to flirt with you as much if they are straight. Of course, there will always be some people you can't pin down either way. But once you're at a palce where you're out, you can easily ask what's up with them without it being a big deal. May take a few years before you get to that point, though...

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