V for Vendetta

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I just watched V for Vendetta, and I loved it! I love the movie so much. It was so inspiring. Especially thescene where everyone dresses up like 'V'. I was like: OH MY GOD. I WANT TO DO THAT. Yeah, and the scene with the lesbians was horrible. I watched it with my dad, and my sexuality was a hard thing to swallow for him. So... it was a bit akward, but I think it got some ideas into his head about acceptance and the importance of human right.

Well, I think I'm going to log for tonight. School starts next friday, and I neeed to read some shit-ass Sherlock Holmes book.


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Yes, V for Vendetta, is sheer

Yes, V for Vendetta, is sheer excellance, but when I saw it with my parents I saw more reason to fear coming out, they were pissed at the "Valerie's letter" scene, and said "she deserved it" (that was excruciating for me). At least your father got something positive from it.

Which Sir Artuhur Conan Doyle do you have to read because I happen to be awesome when it comes to Sherlock Holmes books? PM me if you need any help with his books.

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I thought it was an excellent

I thought it was an excellent film too,I saw it my sister though and she was like WTF was that about!She didn't get it at all!

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Fuck yes

Fuck yes that movie is suberb. Wonderfully done in style and its substance. Lovin' it.
School starts on friday? You go in for one day?

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It's Sort of School

Yeah, we have one day to get situated with where our classes are and to get our syllabus, then we come back on monday to actually start class.


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One of the best films this year. Another scene I liked was the scene where Evey just comes out from being tortured and realizes she no longer has any fear. I liked that, Valerie's letter, and the end. The movie makes me want to get the graphic novel.

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