We Are Human Too

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this is a paper i wrote in seventh grade

We Are Human Too

I went to the Human Rights Campaign website the other day, and I looked up the current state laws on issues concerning sexual orientation and gender identity. I noticed one about how the state deals with these types of issues in schools---or, rather, doesn’t deal with them. It stated, “Illinois law does not address school issues relating to sexual orientation or gender identity. Illinois has a general school safety provision that provides that "each student … is respected" and not "subjected to violence, threats, harassment, intimidation or otherwise confrontational or inappropriate behaviors that disrupt the educational atmosphere."

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I love this

I like it too. It makes me feel...I don't know how to describe it. Angry and happy and determined and relaxed all at the same time. YOU ROCK! I especially love the last paragraph: "So, next time you’re getting ready to make fun of someone that’s different, in this way or others, think: If that situation was flipped, how would you feel?" It just boggles the mind. :)

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omg, thank you *blushes and dramatically holds hand to heart* finally, someone understands the greatness of me. lol, j/k. but, really, thank you so much. message me, ok?
Luv ya,
P.S. yes, i am 100% proud ;-)

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well. i hope you got an A+ fo

well. i hope you got an A+ for this =)
i liked it. i myself can't really say that i understand about what some people go through because i know that people have it worse than me. so i give you props for this. especially how you added in about the movie, i liked steve's quote "it's only love. what's everyone so scared of?" & we are...WE ARE ONLY HUMAN. nothing can change that no matter how much people try to bring us down. what hurts us, only makes us stronger.
i'll listen to your advice at the end, it's words of wisdom.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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Awesome Paper

Awesome paper, and I agree with utter_insanity Great conclusion!!


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Found it!

I read your journal and looked for this.....its really good too! I totally agree with what you're saying!