Weeeoooo Weeeeoooo

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^Thats a siren in case you didn't get that :D

This site has been down a lot lately, hey?

Anyway, It was a good thing it was down! My mom came into the room and I minimized a page that was covering this one without thinking and it was down THANK GOD! Then, another day, my parents wanted to use the computer and kicked me off so I didn't have time to erase it in the history and they use the history to go to sites they always go to. I'm still kind of worried about that one, but so far there are no signs to them seeing it. If they did and bring it up, I would deny deny deny....or make up a story or something, even though I suck at lying!

I'm so lonely right now. I need a close friend. All my friends are pretty much just like, buddies now(buddies=only see them when there's something to do). I only see them when I call them and we go to a movie or a party or something. I don't really feel comfortable or liked enough by any of them to just hang out and do nothing. Meh....its my fault for being lonely, but I can't seem to make it better.


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Sucks being lonely

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt