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I was so happy today because
I got my bird back and my boyfriend.
Then I found out my now exbf is actually
going out with my older sister (which
he claimed he would never do and she's
dated literally all of my bfs already)
and so he's lied a hell of a lot
and he still doesn't know that I know
they're going out.
Should I seek revenge?


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no, be the better person. con

no, be the better person. confront him about it, but dont be a bitch about it and just be mean.

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does u'r sister have a thing

does u'r sister have a thing about u'r sloppy seconds?

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I don't think revenge is the way to go,its just not cool.Confront him about it.And what is up with your sis dating your boyfriends can she not find a guy of her own???

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REmember what I said last time

If the bird returns...it is yours to keep...
Great...Now about that boyfriend...hummmmmm
confront the sister and the boy friend but do not be angry
with them...belittle them in the sence of ...cant find your own
girlfriends so you have to date the sister of the old girlfriend?
or the like...be gentle...and not mean...but sock it to em.
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that of common sense.

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The pattern I'm wondering about is that no matter what happens, you always have something to be upset about. If you're not dating them anymore, who cares if they date your sister?

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btw i know ppl here are again

btw i know ppl here are against revenge but i'm a fan of it so like go for it, and tell me all bout it coz i think it's funny

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As the old proverb goes "revenge is a dish best served cold". In other words if you are going to seek revenge you have to be willing to withold all compassion and mercy. The question for you then is are you really willing to inflict on another? Furthermore think of the moral damage it shall do to you.

"Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs,
Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)