Where to start?

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Lets see, first of all, my dad seems to think that since I'm not an angsty teenager he has to be depressed for me. Some things happened a year ago, and he's still dwelling on it even though the only way it affects him now is the fact that he is dwelling on it. And I try to help him but I don't know how, and eventually I get annoyed at the fact that he can't just let things go. He says that it won't stop bugging him unless he solves it and he can't solve it without hurting someone. And of course he dosen't want to hurt anyone. And then he asks me how I'd feel if it were me in the situation and I told him I'd be hurt but I would get over it. And then he dosen't like my awnser and tells me I'm just a kid and wouldn't understand when I understand completley. I actually sort of feel like I'm reading his mind. It's so easy to tell what he's thinking when he gets upset.

Oh, and my grandparents are coming up, which is a problem because I don't like them very much. Well, sure I love them. But I don't like them. It's weird. And I'm very sour around them. And I don't mean to be. I'll try to be nice even though I still don't feel like talking to them after the things they did. (It's a looooong story. But my grandad did actually tell me that he would throw my dad in jail (or at least try) if I made the choice that I didn't want to see him. (But in less words.) And a lot of other things happened before that, which is way too long and not really stuff I want to talk about.) And so I don't really want to see them at all. But I don't want to seem rude or something, besides, my uncle is going to be there, and he's awesome. Actually, if he wasn't going to be there I wouldn't go at all for fear of being kidnapped or something. (again, long story.) Yeah... Problematic Grandparents. Joy....

Though, on the bright side my older brother (he's autistic and lives with my grandma.) just turned 18, my cousin just turned 12, and they came over which was nice, I bought a whole lot of books recently, so now I'm going to read them all, and the world hasn't ended all those times that all of those people said it would, which is a good thing because even though it has its problems, I like the world you know?

And, I have this theroy-thing. Life is only so long right? And you don't even know how long it's going to be. I mean, just breathing has it's risks. So why not enjoy what you can? I'm sure plenty of people thoght of this before I did. But I like it. Haha! Yay for super-optomisim. I didn't think it was possible to be such a critic and optimistic person at the same time untill I met me. X3 Well, it's better than being a pessimist.

Wow, for once a journal entry from me that dosen't focus on Sora. XD


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Hmm... I'm a bitch 'round my

Hmm... I'm a bitch 'round my grandparents, too.

And Amen to that theory of yours. Live, live with a capital V!

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?