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So Sora (My best friend/ crush for those who haven't read my previous journals.) and I were talking about... Womanly stuff, like periods and artificial wombs and stuff. And I mentioned how all of the men could leave the planet and wemon would still be here without a problem. And then she said that all of the straight wemon would be sad. And I started reffering to straight wemon as "they" and if she hasn't figured out that I'm gay from that conversaition she's more oblivious than I thought she was.

Really though. I really should have come out to her there but I couldn't find a place to fit it in, and then I was about to say it, and her parents were there, so I didn't. Yeah I'm coming up with exuces again aren't I? D: I'll tell her later today if I see her agian today. That is, if she dosen't ask me first. X3

In other news, hopefully we'll be going to the amusment park this Friday. Because we didn't get to go last time, so I'm just waiting to hear what her dad says... And I'm also getting the suspicion that her parents think that she spends too much time around me. Not that I'm a bad influence or anything. (If anything she's a bad influence on me.) But she does spend more of the day over here then at her own house a lot of the time. She used to sleep over a lot too, but she got in trouble and she isn't allowed to sleep out for a while.

And people probably also think we act like girlfriends. (The gay kind.) Which I don't really blame them for, she's always sitting on my lap. At times we sit really close together for no apparent reason. (legs touching close.) There is the fact that she spends more time with me than anyone else, and then there's the Riku/Sora yaoi thing that she jokes about, considering our nicknames. (She's Sora, I'm Riku. This was all her idea though.) And we guess what the other is about to say a lot. And then she'll say "We had a baby." At a totally random moment, and she'll cradle something like, my KH2 case and call it Sora Jr. And we lean on eachother a lot and hug eachother a lot. And well, only one person mentioned anything about it, (Soras older brother, who I shall call Demyx.) He said that we were "Yuri" because all the people in that house aren't very good with japanese, and are convinced that Yuri means lesbian and Yaoi means gay. And I'm too lazy to correct them. But everyone acts it. It's kinda funny, but really weird.

Oh, and she's always glomping me so that we fall onto the bed. I'm not sure if she does this on purpouse or what. But really, she's asking for it when she does that. And then, there's this one time when she was lying on the bed, and she told me not to fall on her, like she was expecting me too. I told her that she was asking for it, but I didn't... Only because she was asking for it.

Or, mabye I'm just a pervert and none of this means anything...? Which I doubt because Sora is more of a perv than I am...


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shes makes you two fall onto

shes makes you two fall onto the bed? she always a top? (tops are very dominating)

***love the number 7***

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