you're cute but don't expect me to talk to you

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I can't stop thinking about her. The girl in my class with the purple hair. I don't know, she's not like really "my type" or anything. I haven't talked to her before, but she's got a cute voice and just seems sweet. Why hasn't she talked to me yet? I'm not intimidating.. I don't think. Why is she talking to that irritating guy and not me? I'm not irritating, I'll make her laugh and we'll share mix tapes together. I don't want this to be another girl that I'll never be able to get to know because of me being afraid. Whenever I like someone, I'll avoid them and just feel really awkward, yes I'm dumb like that and I know it won't get me anywhere. I'm getting crushes on random strangers! Is that weird? Theres the cute hoodie girl in the skate shop, the blue eyed girl who served me at the cd store while dancing to madonna and the girl on the tram with the spikey blonde hair. *sigh* Oh and all of a sudden Carrie Brownstein. Haha yes no chance with anyone.


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I do that all the time! It ma

I do that all the time! It makes me feel like a creepy stalker or something....even though I don't follow them or anything. Its just that they have no idea who you are and you've never talked to them, but you think about them and have a crush on them. Its weird and very frustrating hey? Maybe just try to find an excuse to talk to her first....I don't know, I can't really give advice on this one :P I had a huge crush on this one girl and she actually talked to me, but I'd always get nervous and choke up! So I'm in the same place as you when it comes to this!

"I'll make her laugh and we'll share mix tapes together" (----- haha! Thats so cute!

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Purple hair? Niiiice. I love

Purple hair? Niiiice. I love girls with died hair.

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?

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I know how you feel about the

I know how you feel about the random crushes. I got a crush on this woman in a store who helped me and my dad when we were trying to find guitar lessons for me. She was SOOOOO pretty... There are also a few girls at my school that I have semi-crushes on. It's really strange. *grimaces*

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