9/11 and other stuff

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since today is Sept. 11 i thought id comment about that. Just like to say to all the families out there that lost there loved ones that im sorry. Ive been to ground zero and it is sooo sad to see the murals on the wall that say "I love you daddy" and "i miss you mommmy" im one of the people that hardly ever cry and I started to cry. I can safely say that i wont forget 9/11 and all the people that died that day.

Since everybody has been reporting good news lately i decided i wouldnt break the chain and do the same. Schools going good Mauve a girl who sits next to me stood up to the asshole david whos been bothering me and cause he has a crush on her hes been leaving me alone. Its awesome band is actually my favorite class now.

Imwaiting for the GSA at school to start so I can finally stop being so lonely and actually find a gf. WIth extreme luck that is lol.

Ive been so busy with hw lately i dont think im gonna be able to update on my story. I just havent been able to write lately so it may be a couple days before i do. I guess thats it. Peace.