A balance between selfish and generous

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I was taking a walk and I saw Sora taking out the trash so we spoke a little. She had a soccer game today. Her team won. :) But it seems like she is SO busy latley. Well at least there won't be any soccer in the winter.... Oh, I'm being greedy again aren't I? Ooops. ^^;

Whew. No spending money for me. I need to save it. I want to take Sora to a concert and a convention.(As friends...) Because I feel like it and I don't like going to events by myself. I don't know if she can go the concert yet. (She can go to the convention if someone pays for it.. Which will end up being me because I am oh so generous... I just manage to be selfish at the same time.) The concert is on a school night. D: (Could be worse, could be the same day as the convention. X_X) But if she can that would rock. I'll ask her tomorrow.

Nothing interesting has happened recently. But I still miss my sister. And I still run around screaming "599 US DOLLARS" when I want to annoy people. I also like screaming "RIIIDGE RACER!" and "Wii attack Sony at the weak spot for massive damage!" (Don't ask. It's a PS3 (Piii.. Haha.) thing.)

Oh, and... Best. Comic. Ever.

[/Video Game fangirliness.]

Ok. Done now.