Acceptance in High School

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What is everyone else's High Schools like?
Is your area particularly conservative or liberal?
How acepting are people at school?
Do they give you shit for being gay?
How often do you hear the term "that's so gay" in a derogatory way/ Descrimination towards gays? If often, are you closeted because of it, or if your out, how do you deal with it? Do you correct people and tell them to shut up, or just let it go?
I don't expect anyone to answe all of these questions, but just in general what is your Hight School like?


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My school is mixed, depends o

My school is mixed, depends on how you act, like half the school likes or doesn't really give a care if a person is gay, yet the other half starts shit with gay people and stuff like that. But some gay people get along with everyone, those people are the lesbians though, since my school has the coolest lesbians. For the guys, well the effiminate gay guys arn't favored at all, they get the brunt of jokes and shit like that. But I am not out completely, but a number of jocks and stuff like that know I am gay, and they are kewl with it, they treat me the same, but I think that is because I am straight acting, I just think it depends on how you act at my school and how u get treated.

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in high school all the gay gu

in high school all the gay guys came out to me. being gay was more "fashionable" than being totally a jock or anything else. i think the lesbains had it the hardest, that was a hard road. but being bi was okay, if you are hot or popular there was no issue. it was the people who were not in the popular cliques who had the hardest time. but i gerw up in a really accepting and diverse school so this may not be the norm

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For the most part my school i

For the most part my school is just all chill and stuff. No one really cares and we have a GSA. There are a lot of people who are use the that's so gay phrase, but most people I've met really don't care. I think that people who use the phrase though get in trouble for it. Any other words like faggot or dyke you get in a lot of trouble for too. My school's absolutly zero tolerance on that stuff. On my bus though there's a whole buncha jerks who are always shouting faggot and stuff. They're all bastards though so they're not JUST jerks to gay peoples, they're jerks to everyone. If I know the person saying that's so gay or saying faggot or whatever I might give them a sort of glare-ish look but sometimes I'm just like whatever because I know they don't exactly mean to be all nasty about it. I do have problems when my little brother's friends say it though. They're really obnoxious about it.

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I'm not out, so the gay sentiments aren't all directed at me (yet)... but compared to accounts from other journals I've read on this site, my school is pretty accepting overall. However, I'm a clique which tends to be more liberal than others, so the majority of my friends are more open-minded than the rest of the school might be.

That being said, I got an unpleasant shock just yesterday when one of our group (someone I don't know so) well turned to me and expressed her frustration with the fact that the defense of marriage act was progressing so slowly, and why couldn't people just agree on something for once, because it's not like it's that controversial an issue... I was like, okay... let's go back to talking about calculus now...

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Acceptance in high school?= non-existant...well, sorta...

I mean, there are out girls and guys, but no one really accepts them, and until the resident queen-literally, started a GSA at the end of the year, they were tolerated by most, but not really accepted...

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Well, im only out to my close

Well, im only out to my close friends, cause i trust them. I live in washington, which is typicly a very liberal area, but thats adults. in high school everyone is pretty much so immature that they make fun of gays. when they know someones gay, they dont make fun of them generally, and are fine with it, theres just so many that are immature that when there isnt any out gays around, they can be really retarded.

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My school is in a rich town j

My school is in a rich town just outside of SF, the parents on the school board are conservative, the archdiocese follows who ever is in power in the Vatican, but the students and the teachers are fairly liberal. People poke jokes about me being gay, but I poke back. A lot of the girls use derrogative terms in relativity to homosexuality and I just ignore it.

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I also live outside of SF

I also live outside of SF, but I go to the public school district. I used to go to the archdocies for five years, and it took me that lang to find out that it wasn't for me. Now I got to Westmoor high at Skyline. Its a nice school, all the teachers are great, I do the the occaisonal annoying kid who has a 0.1 GPA, but the rest is ok.

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Generally accepted by my peer

Generally accepted by my peers but the faculty in general seems like, oh yeah, you can't know you're GLBT until you're older and bisexuality is just attention getting.

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One word

One word: Tory. For those who don't know, that means the Conservative Party. That's the area. That's what the shcool could be like. Thankfully its pretty liberal. Plenty of toryism though - so quiet disgust rather than any violence or shit. So not bad really

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I don't have much to compare

I don't have much to compare it to but for me it sucks. I didn't notice all of it in gr 7 so I just thought that it was a normal "bringing together lots of different cultures (schools)" thing. Since then I've noticed that it's way worse than that.

In my classes we have

An average of 10 derogatory things said about gay people, none of which are acnowledged by the teachers
About 50% of people who are more or less ok with the whole thing and the other 50% are not. Either religious or just against it.
When someone came out last year they were the hot topic for gossip for the whole year.

Personally I think that this is unacceptable.

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