actually being out to people feels quite surreal (edited)

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I'm very relieved to say, that all three of my suitemates from last semester took my letters to them saying i'm gay very well. Yay! their responses ranged from 'if you ever need someone to talk to, i'm here" (which made me cry) to "dude, listen, gay is cool, peace out cub scout" to "oh, silly we'll always love your little gay self" i'm very glad to be living in a very liberal state. the other benefit, aside from just having my suitemates know about my sexuality and accept it, is that one of them is like a broadcasting system for news, so my coming out is pretty much done for campus. by tomorrow, i'm pretty sure the rest of the student body, as well as everyone at work (we work together) will know.

at first i considered this a drawback, but at some point my homophobic, born again christian roommate from last semester (who's switched schools, yay!) will find out. but i don't have to deal with her anymore, so now it just seems like poetic justice that some one that anti-gay will find out that she lived with a lesbian for several months. **wicked laughter** her best friend is still on campus though, and living in my building, so that could be an issue, but i'll deal with that when it comes up. i think the most that will come of that will be her following me around trying to "save" me.

oh, and i still need to tell my roommate for this semester, who hasn't fully moved into the room yet (so i haven't really talked to her), but she seems nice, and if she really has a problem with it, she can just hide from me when she's changing or whatever, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

i went to my first lgbt meeting today. it was alright. everyone there seemed really gay, and very comfortable with it, and knew each other already, so it was kind of awkward, not to mention my social skills suck anyway. so i'm hoping that'll get better as i get to know more of the people there. it was funny though... i couldn't remember the room number for the meeting, so i was walking slowly down the hall, peering into each room to see if that might be the right one, till finally i walked past a room with two girls making out, and i thought to myself "yep, this is it!" so that was funny.

today's been so nerve wracking though, i didn't find out that all my suitemates had taken the news well until this evening, when i'd sent them myspaces messages last night, so i was in hives all day. they're mostly gone now though, so it's all good. ok, now i just need to come out to my friends that don't go to college with me.


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Hey, thats great that everyon

Hey, thats great that everyones so good about it! I know how you feel about someone else telling everyone for you so you don't have to....Its kind of a secret wish of mine (as long as the family never found out). And congrats on finding a very gay LGBT meeting!

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That's really awesome that yo

That's really awesome that you're out. Don't stress too much about the christian chick if she's long gone. I wish I could look into a room at my school and see two girls making out :D
Good luck with coming out to your other mates.

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Hey thats great,I'm so happy for ya that your friends took it so well!

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