Apology note

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I'm trying to figure out if a note is the best way to go as far as apologies go, I don't know just read this and let me know!

If I could only see past your beautiful eyes. If I could only see past your history of lies. Then maybe I could let it go,let go of the things that hurt me so. Maybe I could stop and stare, and breathe in the fresh air. Maybe I could be free of the things that burden me.Just maybe me and you could be free.Maybe I could just let go and follow you. I know I should,but I can't.I'm too afraid to let go of your past.If I did, I could be so much happier then. But yet I must contest I am too afraid, its too soon for me to let go yet. All I can do is tell you how much I care andhow much I love to run my fingers through your hair. And love your distance stare.How much I love that you know when you lay your hand down,mine will also be there,and how you know you can offer to drive but I insist that you sit back and ride. All these things remind me why I liked you in the beginning and why I don't want to lose you now.


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hey Darla, i love this poem it's beautiful ;) and i hope everything work between you two :)

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Apology note

I know it's difficult, but I think you should just give her this or read it to her. She'll understand you're truely sorry. Reminds me of a Tracy Chapman song.

Hugs Nico