*bangs head against wall* i don't know what to do anymore...

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i just....don't know what to do anymore.

there's this girl i like(d):

she's driving me insane. first she acts like she doesn't want me anywhere near her; deletes me from her friend's list, tells me the reason she did it was certain things were weird and awkward and she doesn't know how to explain. fast forward through the summer, i'm finally over her, decided not to talk or think about her. she then begins to talk to me like nothing ever happened and she keeps glancing at me in class....

um, anyone know what to do because i'm tapped out on ideas on how to deal with this and it's killing me...

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I've experienced

I've experienced a similar thing with one of my old friends recently. Didn't involve as much as attraction as it did just him not wanted me near him. But now he wants to be friends again. It's not fun to go through. Just hang in there dear! I say wait a bit and see if her attitute continues like this and if it does confront her about it.

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has anyone noticed how myspac

has anyone noticed how myspace and facebook have become these crazy things with their own social rules? like poking, what the hell is poking? anyway...

sorry, that wasn't directly related. i would say, that unless you're really head over heals for her and can't get her off your mind, to just figure that she's uncertain and unreliable and not to let her actions worry you. if i were in your situation (granted, i have very little patience for this sort of thing) i'd have given up and began ignoring her... i'd be polite and all if she did say something to me, but other than that i wouldn't bother with her. granted, depending on how you feel for her, this advice may be totally worthless.

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i'd confront her, but i'm too

i'd confront her, but i'm too afraid things might get even worse....remember, i have to spend 75% of my school day with her this semester and 25% of it with her next semester...

i'm trying to ignore her, but it's so goddamn hard....

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I can relate. I knew a girl w

I can relate. I knew a girl who did that to me for two years. Thankfully, she graduated last year. She drove me insane. At the time I didn't know what to do about her, but now that I look back on it, I see that I wasted so much time and energy on her and nothing ever happened between us. My advice is to keep your distance and not get emotionally attached. I wouldn't say to completely ignore her, but just be careful.

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Just realised that i'm actual

Just realised that i'm actually kind of doing some of the things the girl was doing to u..whoopss...but in my case it's sthg rather complicated and i have reasons for doing them...usually girls do those sort of things because they're unsure as to whether the guy is really interested in her or jst playing around...u knw..trying to make drama out of things *lol* (Girls are complicated species i tell ya =D)

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believe me, i feel your pain;

believe me, i feel your pain; its happened to me too. you may just have to accept that she is going to drive you crazy and get on with your life. be polite, but don't get too close. she is probably dealing with confusing feelings, especially if she is even slightly attracted to you. in my expierience socialy awkward/weird/unstable people are best to stay away from unless you know you can really help them. just as a note, if you confront her, she may act like there is nothing wrong, if she does it means she definitely can't deal with what is going one and i would take it as a double reason to keep my distance

hugs, luck, and peace

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Be straight with her

it sounds to me like when things are compicted she just drops you then when things are better again she picks you up again. if she really cared about you she wouldn't be doing this so just be straight with her and ask her what she wants. does she want a relationship or not? tell her how you feel, simply just be straight with her!! xxx

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Ask what the fuck her problem is. Is it not that simple?

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I dunno

I dunno, but I'd advise against banging your head on the wall. It kinda hurts.

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I have a similar problem with an ex. I'll give you the same advice I'm giving myself: get her out of your life and keep her out. She's fickled and doesn't know what or who she wants and you're getting messed with in the process.

You don't even have to ask her what's going on. Just leave her be and if she has a problem with it, tell her that you're over it/her and don't want her in your life in this way.

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ouchie sorry . . .

Ever heard of Borderline Personality Disorder? heh. Might wanna check it out. (wasn't meant to be rude- really) Just, she sounds like she might be and you should prolly find out what to do with a person who has BPD.