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It's annoying. I was like, waiting for today, so I could tell Sora how I feel about her. And I go over there right? And as soon as I get there her cousin gets there and she has to leave. So I don't get the chance to tell her. And I was ready this time! D=

It's like, either I'm ready to tell her, and I don't get the chance, or I'm a chiken and I get 5 billion chances. Or I totally forget about the fact that I want to tell her. It's kind of pathetic. She's busy tomorrow but mabye I'll like, get to see her in the evening or something. I don't know what's going to happen when I tell her. But I want to anyways. I think I'll take a risk for once.

I don't know. It feels like my life is always either dull and boring, or depressing.

In other news, I'm taking a dance class in a couple days. And, I drew a little today... Haven't done that for a little while. (I sort of just fell out of a drawing mood and into a writing/ musical mood one day.) but now I'll (hopefully) be able to work on the 100 art themes again.

My cat, Princess, dosen't like to let me sleep. Ever. She hides somewhere in my room until I try to fall asleep and then she jumps on the bed and walks all over the place, and even if I shove her off the bed or something she just comes right back... Sorta like a boomerang. D= Which is why I haven't been able to sleep at all latley. >_o

And more stupid advice for today:

Don't ever take catnip toys away from a grumpy cat... Ever. Or try to give them baths either.


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never try to get a cat to tak

never try to get a cat to take a pill unless you've got tuna fish to give them.

my cat does the same thing, except when i have to get up. then she curls up next to me so i can't get out of bed.

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