Brownie Points Please

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Since my Ali moment at school yesterday I got afterschool and before school detentin for at least 3days(considering what I did was bullying)But that was the least important thing on my mind today. I tried to put in a better effort at fixing things with my girlfriend today. I greeted her at the front entrance,held the door open and everything, complimented her on her appearance(she looked alittle different) and even gave up my seat on the end of the table for her during lunch and sat on the other side. I mean I really put in an effort today.I even asked her to consider going to my birthday dinner on the 30th. Hell I did everything today to win her over except kiss her! I think I might of made a breakthrough b/c she said she might call me and to come over this weekend to hang and help keep an eye on her sister. After everything today I think I deserve brownie points.


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I do think u made some wise d

I do think u made some wise desisions today and it does seem like you are getting on her good side. I hope you two make up on the weekend and good luck:)

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Well... I wish I could find

Well... I wish
I could find a boy who'd treat me like that!