College..and stuff

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Here we go,yet another entry from me.I used to write most of this stuff down in my own journal,but since
joining this website almost four months ago I tend to come on here to ramble on about my life.I prefere
to type instead of write,thats not really relevlant to anything,but oh well,just thought I'd say it.

Well I finally started college,I had a total meltdown and panic about it earlier this week,but today when I
went in I found that it actually wasn't so bad.The staff from my faculty seem nice,and the people in my
class aren't so bad either.Of course it was only the first day,but so far it hasn't been that bad.It feels
like a whole new chapter in my life is starting.I'm going to join some clubs and stuff to meet new
people.There is even a gsa,but nobody knows of my queerness so I don't really feel ready to join,but maybe
in the future.I am disappointed with the lack of hot girls in my class though.Nearly the entire class is

In other news,I am thinking of getting a new haircut,somthing a little different.I always try to blend in
with the crowd,but I want a change,because I hate my hair.I think I will get somthing short and low
maintenance,because I hate doing my hair.Also I've always been really paranoid that people will think I'm
gay if I have a tight hair cut,(god I hate stereotyping)but I do tend to assume people with tight hair are


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Hey I'm glad your first class

Hey I'm glad your first class wasn't too bad. Bummer about the lack of hot girls, my class is like that too, all guys and then one of two middle aged ladies :\ But joining the gsa sounds cool. Does a tight haircut mean a short hair cut? Changin your hair is heaps fun, especially when it's something completely different, you feel more fresh I reckon especially since you said you don't like it. I say go for it, looking queer is fun!