College...and that girl I like

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Well nothing major has happened with me since my last journal entry,but I kind of just feel like
writing,so here comes another journal entry from me.

I just have to say college makes me so tired.I've been used to having my days free for the last month.
Oh well it could be worse.I'm glad I actually have somthing constructive to do with my time again. I
think I am actually settling in ok in college.I have got chatting to a few people in my class so I'm
not all by myself as I feared I would be.I still haven't joined any clubs yet because they haven't
had their sign up day thing,but I will join somthing to meet some more people.I'm attempting to break
away from being a social recluse.I'm desperatly shy,but I'm getting better at talking to people.

Even though college is going good so far I really miss seeing my friend whom I have all those warm and
fuzzy feelings for.She goes to a different college to me,and since we are both so busy at the moment
we hardly get to talk let alone see each other these days.Everytime I have been talking to her lately
I have had to console her about her boyfriend,who I have to say I think is a total shithead.But I
obviously cannot tell her that,so I am the dutiful friend who listens to all her woes.

Its kind of strange,I notice all these bad things about her like she can be very self-involved,over
dramatic about things,a little bossy,and I still cannot stop myself wishing I could spend every minute
of my day with her.She makes me laugh,she can be really sweet,she makes me feel good about myself,and
she is just a total cutie,and she has no idea that I think this:(.Its such the cliche to fall for the
straight girl but she is such a sweetie!

Ok well I think I am done with this entry for now.If you have read it thanks.If not then you wont be
reading I don't really know why I am still typing...


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Ah...everyone has to fall for

Ah...everyone has to fall for the straight ones, its unavoidable. There are simply WAY too many of them out there!