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I took hip hop class today. It was full of girls exept for one boy. I felt kind of sorry for him being the only boy in the class, that must feel weird. (I've been the only girl in a class before, for some tech class.) But anyways, it was awesome. Though I haven't really made friends yet. But I'm sure I will.

You know what? I found something out today. Things don't get much more complicated than wemons clothes. Especialy when you're short. The "cami top" fit me like a mini dress. X_X And the pants were wosre. I keep forgetting that I need to go to the petite department. And it's confusing anyways. It dosen't help that the store I was in had the sportswear clothes in the maternity section. Yeah, that's bad I know.

And, guess what? I think I might have convinced my dad to pre-order a Revolution Consle... Or something. And it's cool because it uses SD memory cards. And It's awesomer than the PS3 because you need to pay an extra $100 for wi-fi. Bringing the total to about $600... And the Revolution is $250 flat. Wi-fi and all. And plus it's cooler anyways. Because I'm a Nintendo fan like that. My conclusion is Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft. And I'm going to put off buying a PS3 until KH3 comes out, and by then I should have a better way of getting money. Because right now I only have my allowance. Which isn't bad. But I wish I had more options. I can't even babysit or tutor my sister anymore for the time being because she's with my mom who hasn't contacted me for like, a week.

And, I was talking to my dad in the car. He asked me if I like anyone in the neighbor hood. And I'm like "that's none of your business!" Because I could have said "No." But I stink at lying. And if I said "Yes" I'd have to tell him who. Though he wanted me to tell him who anyways. X_X I didn't though. The only way anyone is going to know is if by some chance Sora... Actually I'm going to call her "K" from now on, so she's not confused with my video game obsession. Or something. Anyawy, the only way anyone is going to know is if K actually does like me back and becomes my girlfriend. But even then I'd like to keep that seceret. But I don't think it matters unless he knows that I know that he knows. If that makes any sense. And I think he might know. (How I feel about K that is.) But I don't know that. Or at least he dosen't know that I know. Because I don't want him to know that I know that he knows. It's all very simple really. X3

He did ask me if I was in love a few days ago. I was going to bring it up, but I decided not to for the reason stated above. But thats why I think he knows. Because when he asked it, it really didn't have much to do with what we were talking about Which was me being stupid enough to try to put a bowl of ceral in the toaster oven when I wanted soymilk for it. I was half asleep. But he brought up me being in love for some reason. But I just told him I was half asleep at the time but the way I said it, he probably knows that I was avoiding awnsering the question and... It's really not that big of a deal at all. But nothing exciting has happened latley. Except for the lack of communication with my mom. And I rather not talk about it.

And I'm blabbing again. But I'm done now. And if you actually read all of that, you really should find something better to do. XD (But so should I. Since I am the one who wrote this after all.)


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Why should I find something better to do. That would involve effort. And anyway I like you're blaberring

You fight like a diary farmer!
Well you fight like a cow!

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Don't stop calling her Sora!

Don't stop calling her Sora! The story behind it is too cute! lol