Early Birthday Present(What am I suppose to do with a condom?)

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I'm sooo siked about my bday coming up in a couple of hours(its on sept.27!) Anyway I will be 18.Everyone tells me 16,18,and 21 are the birthdays you look forward to,I'm not sure?Anywho I ended up getting a few early birthday presents today.While sitting in history my Dessy gave me a note and unbeknown to me there was a condom inside.The worst part was that I flug the note open and it flew up into the air,luckily no one but us and another friend saw it.Our history teacher almost did,he noticed that I grabbed something out of the air and slammed my hand down on the desk,and was blushing with the biggest smile on my face,trying to hold in my laughter.My friend Dessy told him it was aan inside joke written on the note!(I pray he doesn't get suspicious of me now) My friend Dessy after I gave her back the condom,that I'm turning 18 and I am an adult and you neve know when the moment will arise,I told her what I am suppose to do with a condom(she doesn'tt know that I'm a lesbian!) She just started laughing loudly.I pray none of my friends tell my girlfriend about it,she would kill me!Anyway I also got another "present" today,it was a key...a key to the new lock on my girlfriends bedroom door,she never had a lock on her door before,so she decided to get one since her sis keeps walking in whenever she feels like it.She told me it was for privacy,so we could chill without interruptions and "play around"(I don't know what she meant?)Anyway I took the key and stuck in my backpocket and her sis walked by and said,"Just cuz there is a lock on the door and you have a key doesn't mean our house is a hotel for you two's anticks.
So yeah that's all,I'll be 18 in a few hours!!!!!!!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY sounds like a

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sounds like a good day. have a good time. :-)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you hav

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you have an awesome day!

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Make a rocket...yeah that is

Make a rocket...yeah that is what i got stuck with on my 17 1/2 birthday...my friend gave me a crapload of condoms and I made a rocket out of them the amount of air those things can hold is amazing.

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have a great day
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a blast!!!!!

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Happy Birthday, and congrats

Happy Birthday, and congrats about all your early birthday presents

hugs, luck, and peace

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haha my best friends birthday

haha my best friends birthday is today! scary man...

***love the number 7***

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