em0 so what?

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Yea I'm em0 I hate it. I have one class that everyone is bashing me for being gay. The teacher doesn't do anything but I will work through this. I met with the founder of my school's gsa which she is pretty cool. She works at my favorite place; Starbucks. It's awesome, I didn't meet her there I met her at GAY yea.

I was suppose to have a date to homecoming but she ditched me. She isn't coming cause she hates my school.

I don't have a girlfriend or a real date to take to homecoming cause I was going to take my friend from Bishop but she bailed cause the whole reason she goes to bishop is cause she hates my school.

harassment. no date. no girlfriend.


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If you're emo, then simply change. You're still in highschool; you still have time to change your image. That's basically what highschool is about. Transfer out of the class. Transfer to a different school, or find a girlfriend that doesn't care what school you go to. If your girlfriend doesn't wanna' date you because you go to a certain school, she's not worth it.

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The 'date' to homecoming was

The 'date' to homecoming was just a friend, and luckily I found a replacement not that going with someone is important or anything I just believe it is more fun. The ironic thing is, the person I was suppose to go to homecoming with that ditched me, I'm now going out with her sister... well half sister but still..
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emo happens

i was pissed about school, and my bf said i was being emo. He called me a table for the rest of the night.

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If your complaining is justified, then you are not emo. Being harrassed at school is a good reason to complain. Therefore you are not emo. Emo would be complaining about something you did to yourself.

I love your avatar. It reminds me of a book called Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I love that book. Just wondering if you got it from that.

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Thank God I'm not Emo. But my

Thank God I'm not Emo. But my avatar I made by trimming a picture I took in florida, I don't live by the sea so naturally it's one of my favorite places.
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Dude, you went to Growing Ame

Dude, you went to Growing American Youth?? How'd ya like it?? Hehe. I'm really sorry your school sucks so much. It's Parkway, correct? I can't remember which exactly..