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well lets see I have tottaly not updated or even been on oasis in a really long time. So I am totaly moved to the city now. I am having lots of fun so far. Althugh job finding is extremly hard and unsuccessful at the moment. I am hopeull that it will get better though i applied for 7 jobs today. hmm i am home for hte weekend now, which is good. I found a brownie unit in the city which is really why i had to come home. i lereft all my guiding stuff here not thinking that i would need it until later on turns out camp is next weekend woot. we only have like 10 girls but that is enough i suposse. hmm i don't really know what else to write. I am not in teh mood to write lots right now. so maybe later i can write more. on second though t i remember why i went to write this entry in teh first place so maybe i will do that.
so my love life is like no where u guys no where and it's slightly depressing. I meet this really cool guy , but because my interent has been down for so long it's been hard for us to stay in contact, but i am hoping that now it is up we can get together more adn maybe things will flow. I am tres excited..a tthe moment though i am not suer weather a girl or guy would be better for me. I think hat maybe jsut going itht eh flow might work the best. eh now that i have gone on i will say bye..i have visiting to do

thanks for listening to my complining