Florida, Guitars, and Friends

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Don't ask about the title. I begin to run out of ideas after a while.

My mom and sister are going to Florida. Probably going to move in with my crazy grandparents who hate my dad. X_X It would have been one thing if she told me but she won't even turn her phone on! And I miss her, and I miss my sister. D: I'm not even sure what I think of her anymore. I wish she would talk to me. Why won't my mom call me? ._.

My dad got me a guitar today. It's nice but I've never played a gitaur before so I'm not very good at it yet... Or any good at all... Or even halfway decent. I think the 1st string is trying to cut up my finger. The violin strings are a lot more.... Gentle. But I just started so...

I'm going to try to write songs, once I get used to playing it. Since I like singing too. Mabye I'll get good. Who knows. My dad says he might try guitar too. That'd be cool.

And, I haven't seen Sora yet. It's annoying how the one person I really want to talk too keeps getting kept away from me. It's just... I dunno...

And my e-mail is down right now so I can't talk to my other friend. I guess it's kind of sad, I only have 2 really good friends and one of them lives a two hour drive away. But I'm going to take a dance class soon, mabye I'll *gasp* meet girls my age. Wouldn't that be nice? (One of the downsides to being home schooled. I did take a computer class before, but it was really easy and it was a bunch of boys in it. :( )

I'll stop complaining about my lack-of-friends now. >_>' *goes back to practicing guitar*


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my parents wont get me a guit

my parents wont get me a guitar or even a bass because they think itll be like when they got me a keyboard...which it wont but theyre being stubborn

why cant you like...enroll in public school? or do you prefer being homeschooled?

lack of friends sucks...that happened to me when all my friends moved

***love the number 7***

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If you don't mind me asking,

If you don't mind me asking, what happened with the keyboard? I had one but my cat broke it.

I prefer being homeschooled. I tried a public school in 7th but it didn't work out. And now I'd be in high school, and all of the public high schools in the area are like... Scary. Serioulsy. They have police there and stuff. And if you were me you'd be scared of police too. (Watching your dad get arrested for something that he didn't do when you're like, 6 is kind of really truamatizing.) And not only am I scared of the police themselves, but the fact that they need to be there is kinda scary in itself. >_>' Annnd... I'm rambling again.

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I'm taking guitar lessons now

I'm taking guitar lessons now, actually. I love it. It's really fun. Keep on practicing; it may not make perfect, but it does help you improve.

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I have a guitar named Tostada

I have a guitar named Tostada... she ate the skin from my fingers. I extend me sympathy to your first string injuries.

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Ha thanks. Eventually it won'

Ha thanks. Eventually it won't be as bad, but it's going to slow me down.

I named my guitar Daisy. (It's good to know I'm not the only person who names their things. X3) It's my dads fault really, on the way to the store he said that we were going to look at daisies instead of guitars. I blame the recent trip to Longwood Gardens. But it was funny.