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How come when you come out to people they ask how long you've known? It seems like every gay person kind of knew their whole life, but its when they've realized it that should be the question! I've actually known I've liked girls pretty much just didn't register as wrong or bother me until I hit puberty. Its like a lot of little girls don't really like boys when they're younger but they still get kiddie crushes on them. I always got those kind of crushes on girls. But its when you hit puberty that you start wanting to act on crushes, but by then you see how society reacts to same gender couples and have it in your head that its wrong! So really, its not dealing with being gay that gets to us, its how the other people in society percieve us that makes us have the problems dealing with it.

Then there is the questioning of every little feeling of attraction. If you mostly like girls, but then think a guy is hot its okay. Women that are straight think other women are hot all the time! It doesn't mean that their bi, or even bi-curious. Its just appreciating good looking people. But when gay people feel that every thought that has been programmed into them tries to make them get feelings for any person of the opposite gender that they even feel the tiniest bit attracted to......Society is just messed up! Religions and a lot of the "old way" of thinking just gets in the way of nature and really screws with peoples lives!

*just generalizing, I know not everyone feels this way


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my opinion of homosexuality i

my opinion of homosexuality is that most people are bi. probably about 90-95% of people are. i think sexuality is like a continuum, not just plain black and white. there are people who deny that they've had sexual feelings toward the same sex, but i mean i consider even a girl saying that another girl is pretty shows some homosexuality in it. then, most gay people still judge people of the opposite sex.

i myself label myself as "lesbian", but im probably more bi. but, i mean every now and then, i see a guy that i think is attractive. but, i think guys are horrible at relationships, and are assholes, honestly...i would never date one. so, i consider myself a lesbian.

im not gonna be like everyone else and be like "i hate labels", but i think it restricts people...but i actually think labels are a good thing, cuz then you know what you are, and can identify with other people.

wow, that was kinda long...and random.

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not all guys are assholes...b

not all guys are assholes...but most of them could be..sadly...haha

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guys just arent what i want p

guys just arent what i want physically i love womens bodies. i dont really mind answering those type of questions unless the people asking them are just doing it to insult me

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true...but admit that when gu

true...but admit that when guys are around their friends, for the most part, they are assholes.
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oh, and random- your birth

oh, and random-

your birthday is the same as my best friend.
mines the 15th of march.

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Oh, I get "Since when?" when

Oh, I get "Since when?" when I told them I am gay. It is like I chose a date, like August 1, 2006 at 3 pm I choose to be gay lol.

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Don't you know

your suposed to ask them " when did you know you were
hetrosexual" then ask " why did you choose to be that way?"
ask them the same questions they ask us in reverse,
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Nice thoughts. I first 'knew'

Nice thoughts. I first 'knew' that I was gay in october 2003, but it was more like "damn. i like girls. what the hell am i doing to do?" Looking back, I had kid crushes on girls & boys, but only 'noticed' the heterosexual ones cause they were 'normal'. props!