Gay Colombian Cook

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At my new job at Mills, where I call myself FoodServer-Gay, there is a cook that works with me and he is from Colombian and he is so amazingly gay that I am blinded by his very presence and find myself cowering in response to his commands.

He calls me "Honey" and he has a tendency to jump out of nowhere, which I don't fully understand because he's not a small man, he must be about 6'5'' and terrify me.

I'm afraid that someday he will leap over the serving counter and beat one of the male graduate students to death for looking at me funny, I kind of like this, but also worry that he may channel these feelings toward me one day and lock me in the walk in when I go to fetch the milk box.

IF you obey him and serve with the correct utensils, all will be well...but if you don't...and I have seen a situation in which a coworker did must face his wrath.

Work sucks for the most part...but there is a lot of time to stand and think and I can drink as much peets coffee and tazo tea as I want.


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I love people like that. you don't know if they'll kiss you or cut you. good times.........

Is that a female impersonator?
Of what?

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haha that kinda sucks and is

haha that kinda sucks and is cool at the same time.

"If young love is just a game then I must've missed the kick off."

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Oooh I quite like the sound of him. What's his number? Or he could be really annoying

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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thats the latin love making i

thats the latin love making its magic...hard thing to resist, too.
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