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I'm sort of bored today,so I've decided to make a journal entry.Or should I just say ramble of stuff running
through my head at the moment.Well I've been thinking a lot about what to do about my friend who I think
is gay,and who I think suspects I am.I've decided next time I see her in person I will come out to her,and
just be open and honest about myself.Whether or not she is gay doesn't really matter,it would be cool if she
is,but at the very least I know she is the least homophobic person I know.So she is probably the best person
to come out to first I think.I just feel like its time to start opening up about who I am.

In other news I am so falling for one of my other friends.I knew that I was starting to develop
feelings for her,but last night we were at a party and I just wanted to kiss her so much!We were both a bit
drunk and she was holding my hand and stuff and it was so nice.It was also kind of awkward though,coz we
both really needed to pee and there was such a long queue in the toilets that she insisted that it would be
quicker for us to just go into the cubicle together,so I had to stand right in front of her as she went to
the toilet,and vice versa,and all I could think was when she eventually knows I'm queer I hope she doesn't
think back to this!Then later on she was really upset so I was hugging her,and I felt so bad for feeling so
happy that I could hold her close to me.

She is a good friend but I think I am going to try and keep my distance from her for a while,coz I think
spending time with her is going to kill me.Though I'm not sure I will be able to stay away from her either.
This really sucks.Also she is trying to hook me up with a boyfriend coz she wants me to be happy.I think I'm
bi but also don't really want a boyfriend,so fingers crossed she doesn't find me one.


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Aww no not the straight girl,

Aww no not the straight girl, that sucks especially when the girl is so sweet and awesome. I feel for ya mate, not much you can do there except wait til you get over it I guess. Oh and good luck with coming out to your friend, you sound pretty confident so I reckon it will go well.

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straight girls are tough. Ke

straight girls are tough. Keeping some distance is good it keeps you from doing anything stupid. Good luck with eveything.

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