Got a issue on wether or not to put bi on myspace help me out!!!!!!

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ok got a issue on myspace i want to put bi but ive got friends on there that r umm that i dont know if they be okay with it but i really want to make this about me but i dont want to lose any friends in tha process i guess i cant have both without losin the other i mean i spent 30 minutes lookin for the most descriet pic supportin gay and i shouldnt have to do that i should jus pic the first one that say bi or lesbian....uhh this stink wat do u think i should do??


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Well....if you're ready to de

Well....if you're ready to deal with people knowing then go for it! But if you think that its still something you're strugglin with, I would say just wait awhile.

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Do what I did if you can't de

Do what I did if you can't decide- don't put orientation!

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1) You can't lose friends by coming out. Coming out shows you who your true friends are.

2) Whenever I don't see an orientation on myspace, I assume that means they arne't straight. I mean, how many heterosexuals do you think say "Hmm, I'm straight and all, but that seems a little too personal..."

I'm a total myspace whore (and by whore, I mean I use it to sleep with people, I'm not on it often), so ADD ME AS A FRIEND

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I put Bi on mine and it made

I put Bi on mine and it made it waaay easier to come out to a few of my friends. That would be the upside.

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i agree with Jeff 100% i am o

i agree with Jeff 100% i am out to all of my friends here in college, but back home, a lot of them didn't know.. My myspace doesnt have anything (most people who dont put an orientation are in the same boat as us), just like Jeff said, no straight person would hesitate putting straight on there.. they have nothing to lose by it..

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I did.

I put bi on my profile. And either nobody looks there or the're alright with it. Even though the're all from a catholic school, the're all accepting(either accepting or not looking). I don't know weather to laugh or not.