green eyes, you're the one that i wanted to find

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So, I turned down the easiest opportunity for sex that could have possibly landed in my lap. Plus she's eye candy for practically every visible lesbian on campus. Some would say this takes away my right to complain about being sexually frustrated. Some would say this makes me crazy. But... I just don't give a shit. I want to be courted. I want to feel passionate about whoever I'm fucking. I'm not a virgin, but if I have to keep waiting for it to feel right, I guess I will.

I'm so sick of what's available.


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Thats the way to go about it

Thats the way to go about it.Forget the easy one's,that are on everyone's radar.It is important to feel as though after its all said and done that you feel something more than just a sense of accomplishment for sleeping with someone.

"I am no more than human than anyone else"
"You should stand back and take a good look around"