Have you ever been harassed for being diffrent

5 to 6
13% (5 votes)
3 to 4
0% (0 votes)
1to 2
8% (3 votes)
50% (19 votes)
29% (11 votes)
Total votes: 38


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5-6 what??

Used to be it was a man's world and a woman's place was in the home...
they can kiss that shit goodbye.

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I assumed 5-6 times and it's

I assumed 5-6 times and it's mainly for me being communist though. People don't like it.

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People just misunderstand com

People just misunderstand communism. At it's core, it isn't a bad idea. Rather respectable, actually. I just don't think it can thrive in a society where people want property and status. It may work in newer societies, but not in the US. We're too used to little pleasures.

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Oh, I used to be a target for

Oh, I used to be a target for the bullies at my school. When I was like in first grade to fourth grade, I would always be teased by the same girls until I cried. And nobody would do anything about it.

Hah, I can thank them for making me into the overly-self-cautious-walking-nervous-wreck person I am today. >_o

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When I was in third grade, th

When I was in third grade, this girl who I thought was my friend completely backstabbed me and made me the butt of all of her jokes. You know how, no matter what, there's always at least one kid in a certain class, grade, or school that everybody teases and makes fun of? Well, in third grade, I was that kid. It was LOADS of fun, I assure you.

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nop not yet lol i'm very social but in my caind of own way like i now u and everything but i dont make ppl very close to me just one or 2, so that makes me a antisocial to cause i talk to everybody but not that mush i dont know if u guet me but w/e... so thats why i havent been harassa or anything lol i dont like to talk to ppl so i dont guet batherd lol pll ignore me most of the time so, it havent hapen yet...

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