help i guess

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so, how do i know whether my friend is gay/lesbian or not?
anyone has idea how i'm going to know?
if i know she/he is...maybe i'll make a move...
but if i make a move and she/he isn't then i'll be very embarass and maybe we can't be friends anymore...

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1) you tell them you are gay/lesbian, because if they are your friend, it makes sense for them to know.
2) once you come out, sexuality becomes something you can discuss, so they will feel more comfortable talking about theirs.
3) if they are gay/les, you can see if they are interested in dating; if they are straight, you have a supportive friend or you dumped someone who won't support you, and the sonner the better as far as getting rid of friends who aren't supportive.

This is the only reasonable path. The odds of you not coming out, them not coming out, and you end up having some empathic/wordless knowledge that leads to dating/sex is unlikely.

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