Hopelessly Praying

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In the end
I'm stuck as a servant to envy your success
But still bonded slave to becalm your distress

"All this between us is an accident",
Your lips say;
But nothing remains between us,
Besides this wall you built since that day.

I've always been stuck in another realm,
But it's okay;
All this is a mistake I admit,
The love between a seabird and a fish was never meant to stay.

Maybe you and the world were right
Our love was too dissolute
Guilty for being wildly free like a dove
Yet I still try to prove the true meaning of love

But no longer do doves symbolise peace
I only see vultures feeding on my dreams
Nor do a whole bunch of butterflies
Which merely lead weak and fragile lies

If you can't control yourself
Stop denying the truth
If you think about me everday
Wake up from your ignorance so astray.

If you end up following your feelings
And believe in your emotions
If you finally decide to be honest
Just realise what you have missed

If you decide to embrace your hatred
But not the love it spawned from
Don't worry, I'll deliver you to somewhere faraway
Somewhere you belong
Hopefully becoming only a memory
At the back of my mind

-- Uncertain


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Hey this is really good. I r

Hey this is really good. I really like the message you send.

"Who says that there's a soul?
Just let me be..."