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Wow I have not been on here in a while adn when i look around i realize that i have no idea who alot of therse people are and alomost no ones who's entries i used to read seem to be around. I guess even though it's been like a month i still really haev nothing to write about my life is going no where and i am still unemployed. I am hough having a great time not living at home. I like living with my friends. I think it's bringing me closer to them. I feel like I am getting that connectiion back taht we all lost for so long because we never saw eachother.. Although i may be getting closer to otheres i feel liek i have lsot alot of other peopl in this transition and even peole i know i could be close with i have drifted apart from. Lynsey adn i fight everytime we talk or spend time to gether. only god knowes why we fight so often. the otehr day i begged jill not to invite her over becuasde i was not int eh "mood" for her so to speak. it's really horrible to say that you have to be int eh right "mood" to hang out with someone who is suppose to be your friend or thinks you are there friend. I feel really bad because we are suppose to got the bar his weekend with her adn we are all dropping it. i don't like bars that much tehy are so overrated adn i can't drink much anyway...makes em horrily sick..but anyway i don't know it's jsut not htat fun.
hmm nothin else to report really.