i dont even know wat to name this how bout"im like a runaway criminal" yeah thats good

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well well well well i dont know wat im sayin but thats cool umm lets see nothings really happened much ecept the fact i kinda want to mite move to corpus chirsti i want to cuz of me bein bi and my litte ol town is small but also becuz i want to start anew let me explain wat i mean:

ok ive lived in this town for bout 11 months now and i jus want to run run so far away. im not used to livin some place for a long amount of time..so i dont know how to escape these feelings i have and idk with my bf.....i jus feel abandon and alone.....mom is dead,1st Grandpa is dead and dont know my dad..and those r the people id cared the most about so yeah and the other thing is noone understands me, hell i dont even understand me. I mean how can i still feel so sad and be able to make myself laugh, other people laugh and still keep a smile why cant i jus reflected the way i feel..i guess i dont know how to let it go. How to keep my brain form wondering and well uhh. I feel older than 13 and jus wish i was i mean if im gonna be treated like im older mite as well be...(thats the effect when u kinda had to take care of ur sister and mom when u were only 9 or 10 i feel older i feel like my sister and little niece get baby and i dont)my lifes been like shit since then when idk when i felt safe...cuz now i dont....i guess i went of subject sry...im jus sayin im gettin that feelin and i want to run so bad but now im here and i have to face it cuz even if i run it will come bak maybe later than sooner but it will come bak in the end..so i guess i cant run forever...i have to face everything and stand up but how and where do i start

on other news have a volleyball game tommorow on my crushes team and we r playin agaisnt some place like and 1 hour away from us so yeah..umm nothin else byz:( :) 0_0

way to go oldfoxbob yeah im happy fo ya


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Sounds like your having a fun time. There ain't much to do but grind through it. Don't run away. he rest of the world ain't much better either

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"