i feel pretty oh so pretty

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yeah well im jus so damn happy that i got a name to a feelin im in love and i dont care who knows oh yeah but im in love with a naive runaway from things jerk but that doesnt dimm the fact that i actually know wat this feelin is yes oh yeah

in other news i think i need to talk to my naive runaway from things jerk and tell her to stop sayin shit like i dont like that art of u or i wish u were different cuz if not im gonna tell her off bad (im a nice person i dont like to be mean but when im pushed over the edge its over byebye nice person hello total bitch) well yeah

in more other news i need a date for an wonderful oasis wedding and a vice prez bye


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Yeah, I'll be your date. So long as we get to sing that song "0h so pretty and gay!"

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"