I had a thought!

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Something that dosen't happen very often. XD

Okay, anyways, I was thinking, since I'm home schooled and stuff. Mabye I could like, go to some of the clubs at the local high school or whatever. And that way I can actually have the social life of a normal teenage girl... Somewhat at least. X3. It'd be nice. And I would go to the gay youth meetings at the local UU church but they're kind of weird about it. They make the parents sit through some slides or something. I don't get it either. But maybe I could ask them about it again. Because talking to people in person is nice.

Yeah, and this time, we'll actually GO to the clubs and stuff. Because I've mentioned stuff like this before and we never DID anything. D: It's annoying. Because my dad would expect my mom to do something except she never remembers and we never get anything done. But I guess now my dad has no choice but to do something about it seeing as my mom's not here. (Though I still wish she WAS here.)

Hmmm. I hope they have a GSA. They probably don't though, just to annoy me. Do you think they'd let me start a GSA without being a student? Probably not. Lame.

Mabye I should go to a private school next year. One I don't have to board at.


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I know in my school district,

I know in my school district, at least, homeschoolers are more than welcome to join our clubs. Try to start a GSA! Or you could start a local gay youth group. I know both exist in my city.

Just a thought, though- if I really want my parents to get something done for me (lessons, etc.) I bug them and nag them otherwise they never remember. Might you try that?

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The solution to all these problems is easy: stop thinking. I tried it and it worked for me

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"