I just told my mom I'm gay

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And she took it fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't really building up much suspense but today is her birthday and in my mind it fit and I was thinking about it earlier today and was just and am just in the right mood, not overly buoyant or too hard thinking but after the guests left from the mini-party we had and I showered and she showered and my dad was outside fixing something and my old aunt relative who's staying with us off figuring something out, I told her I had something to tell her and said maybe you should sit down and we sat on the bed a sec and she said jokingly that she might as well really sit down so she got under the covers and asked me what it was and I began to get choked up a tiny bit, and I just kissed her forehead and thought about how I could just not say anything, or lie or something. She ventured a guess that I was in trouble at school, I said no, then she asked if I had a girlfriend. I told her it started with a g but wasn't a girlfriend.

We just looked at each other and then I said it starts with a g and ends with a y, and after a pause, she never frowned or looked mad or anything once, she said 'gay?', you think you're gay? I said yes and I'm sure, and I hugged her and she asked if I felt that way about a boy in school and I said yes and she asked if he felt the same way, I said no, and she asked me how I was so sure, and I told her that I'm attracted to boys, not girls, and have been for years now. She said it could change as teenagers can and I said maybe, but I know I'm attracted to boys, and she said it doesn't change anything about how much she loves me and we hugged and then my dad came in the room and then I asked whsiper-y if she knew anyone in our family that was/is gay, since I don't, and she said yes, and I asked who, and she said she doesn't *know* but she has high suspicions.

She said we'd talk more tomorrow and my dad and her talked about some other stuff as I left and as I came in my room to start typing this she came in a few mins later/ago and hugged me and said that it's a hard road I'm going to take, but she loves me so much and it was way way easier than I thought. The girlfriend - gay thing just fit like the movie my mind sometimes makes, where it all turns out ok and I asked her if she had suspected I was gay, and she said not so much suspected, but she thought it could happen.

Tomorrow she has yoga too so it means I go off to school and we have time apart all then so to me this is just a nice way to be out to her, yay. Now I'm thinking up all the stuff to tell gal pals at school about me being gay and I'm not overjoyed or even overly happy now, just calm and glad I told her and humm :)


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Congratulations... great coming out.

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Right on!

Congratulations! May all your other comeing-outings go so well!

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congradulations...i hope that

congradulations...i hope that that is how my coming out works with my mom..but htat won'tbe for a while

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congrats dude...that's great...

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Nice. A very nice coming out

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Elton John's Father

I just saw a picture of Elton John. I remember an interview he had and was talking about his father. He said he hated him and did not have a relationship with him at all. He did not support his career choices and he felt he did not love him.

Think about this. How was your relationship with your father? Was you mother the main role model in your life.

Get some counselling and make peace with your childhood. Being gay is okay, but make peace with your past.


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at least u got to come out, i was forced out by my sister..........................

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Yay! I'm happy for you! That

Yay! I'm happy for you! That sounds great. :3 It feels nice to come out doesn't it?

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Look into your childhood

Gay feelings are normal. You need to look back into your childhood and see if your mom was loving, yet smothering. Did she take you places, buy you things, take you shopping or decorating? Did your dad work all the time and not take time out for you?

Yes you are gay, but you need to analyze your past.

From a Mom of a gay son...

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Thanks again!

Well this was a length of time ago, she went through heavy denial and stranded me at home for a couple weeks (cash+food+relatives available with ease though, and I'm pretty content to be solitary with my luxuries!) but at this point may be accepting it more readily. My dad will get to wait until maybe Christmas of my first year at university for the news, haha.

You're Amazing.

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Good for you on comming out!

Good for you on comming out! Im glad everything whent so well :D

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great job! takes so much

great job! takes so much courage. you did it!!!

proud o' you.

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Well this was a length of time ago, she went through heavy denial and stranded me at home for a couple weeks (cash+food+relatives available with ease though

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That's awesome! My parents took it about the same way. You're very lucky to have accepting parents.

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Look at your past for your future

I have a gay son. I have accepted his feelings. Through counselling, I looked at his childhood and realized that he had a loving but overbearing mother and a distant father. Take the time to look back into your own childhood and analyze what it was like. I don't want to change your feelings, but you can become at peace with them.

From a Mom of a Gay Son

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I wish I had this amount of

I wish I had this amount of courage. I'm still in teh closet, and it's horrbile. I wish I was out but I don't have balls to do it. Good for you for doing it though. :D:D:D

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thats great

I'm really happy your parents took it so well! I'm still struggling to come out..i'm just not sure how to start it and where to begin. Not to mention i tend to over think things, so my mind has gone to every possible outcome. I suppose i just need to do it one day without thinking. Anyway, congrats again on coming out! (even though it was a while ago lol) :D

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im really happy for you and

im really happy for you and how your parents took it

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