I miss her so much.

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I finally spoke to my mom today. She didn't say much. But I spoke to my sister, and I had to hold back my tears. I haven't been away from her for this long since she was born. It felt so weird talking to her. She sounded a few years younger, so the whole time I felt like I was talking to a 4 year old for some reason, even though she's 8. And it's so weird. I mean, I've kind of gotten used to her not being here really fast. But when I spoke to her it just all hit me and all of that crying I didn't do came out. But I didn't cry on the phone for her sake. But I still miss her...

And I'm not sure why I tell you guys all of this stuff. I guess you're sort of like an internet family to me. And I want to thank everyone who reads my journals or comments on them. I really appriciate it.

And do you ever look up at the sky at night, and just feel incredebly small and insinifigant? I do sometimes. It's a peaceful feeling though.


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Hopefully youll get to see th

Hopefully youll get to see them soon. I know what youre talking about with the stars i love going out to watch them during the summer. good luck! i hope everything works out for you!

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I love looking up at the sky

I love looking up at the sky at night just to calm myself and remind me of how unimportant I really am in the world. Its weird how thoughts like that and of death can have a calming affect.

Hopefully you get to see you mom and sister soon. I can see how that would be really hard being apart from them for so long like this.

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Ugh, I'd feel really bad if I

Ugh, I'd feel really bad if I was seperated from my big sister for too long. T.T

I look up at the stars all the time. I love them, and the ocean, because it reminds me that even if it doesn't seem like my life is shaping up the right way, no matter what happens there will always be stars.

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