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Ok. I have figured out a sure-fire way to come out at school but it will mean that I have to just come out and say it. I really want to but I'm scared too. What do you think I should do?


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Not sure why it would take much thought to figure out that "saying it" would be a sure-fire way to come out... :-)

Beyond that, I've always thought that unless you feel your personal safety is at risk as a result, it is better to come out.

The people who will shun you aren't worth your time.

The friends who leave you will eventually leave you anyway.

The ones who will be interested once you show them your reality won't otherwise know to approach you.

Basically, I'd always rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I'm not.

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if you feel that you need to

if you feel that you need to do it and you can't keep hiding it then do it. i agree with jeff, your real friends will stand by you.

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I don't agree with Jeff. I M

I don't agree with Jeff. I MUCH rather be loved for what I'm not than hated for who I am. I will probebly never come out to my friends or family. And I think it will be better that way. What's the point in coming out at school, anyways? You'll just be made fun of and want to kill yourself even more. What's the point of us being homosexual? Top reason of suicide.

I don't meen to get anyone down, but it's not fair. I hate myself and you should too. We're not normal!! How could we ever want to be happy, we don't deserve it!

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well apparently ARI is here f

well apparently ARI is here for teh wrong reaasons..but i agree with jeff and theonechick your true friends with stick with you and chances are you'll make some new ones too. I hope it all goes really well fro u

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In response to Ari's comment,

In response to Ari's comment, Being gay is "normal" and we do deserve to be happy and there is nothing wrong with it. If you feel that way thats great but please apply it to yourself not everyone in the gay community. Please dont get everyone down just because you feel the need to dis yourself.

Anyways... Everyone is scared before coming out if you are not in a real accepting enviroment maybe its not such a good idea. Maybe you should come out to a couple friends first and make sure they have your back if anything goes wrong in your coming out process. Be sure of who you are and ready to defend your views. Not everyone are bigots and there is a chance theyll take it really well. Good luck!

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Dont come put to school. High

Dont come put to school. High schoolers aree assholes, and ur gonna see them everyday for years. I got outed, and i was the victim of petty fucking hate crimes.

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Ok. Thanks guys. I think that

Ok. Thanks guys. I think that I'm going to do it.

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