I still am no good with titles.

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Wooo. Bored.

I saw Sora again today, we chatted for a little while, and I let her borrow my new Manga. (Bleach. =D) And I still didn't get to come out to her or anything because we were on her front steps again. (Her sisters kept coming by and bugging us.)

And as for the clubs at the public school thing. I sort of joined the pottery club but it dosen't start till October. Oh, and did I mention we went to the school twice today. Becuase we went there once and the lady was like. "Oh, just lookit the websiteee." and so we went home and I did. And the amount of useful information there was like, near 0. I mean, the list of clubs they had at the school was longer. (And included a GSA.) and the list of clubs on the website was considerably shorter. But neither list had any usefull information on the clubs at all really. But the one on the website had more. I'll like, worry about the GSA later though. That school is still kind of creepy. (I don't like crowds.)

And now, for something entirely random.

It is never a good idea to poke a rose bush.

Stupid advice of the day brought to you by, Nayru. (Aka, Riku.)


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It's not a good idea to crash

It's not a good idea to crash into a rose bush, either. But most people who aren't me aren't stupid enough to do that. Gravity's a bitch.

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?

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I know the feeling, not of cr

I know the feeling, not of crashing into a rose bush exactly, but of being a total klutz to the point where it's painful. And half the time it's from my own stupidity. (Like, tripping over a sholelace while in the middle of a sentence and falling flat on my face. Or opening a door and hitting myself in the face with the side of said door. Things like that.) You're probably not nearly as bad as I am.

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i ran into a rose bush on an

i ran into a rose bush on an out-of-control, pink bike.

i had many many scratches in my pale-as-snow legs after that.

***love the number 7***

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