I think my parents are breaking up...

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My parents had a fight last night and my mom left. She went to sleep to her sister's. Now it's morning and she still hasn't come home. She's gone to work, that's all. But will she come afterwards?

I was gonna go out but I wasn't in the mood after that. Instead I just sat and listened to music and watched TV. I couldn't sleep. It's like we're four years back.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I hate to be afraid they'll get divorced.


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It doesn't sound like a divorce. It sounds like a big fight, as seen in all long-term relationships, which is eventually gotten over. Unpleasant, but it happens.

Even if it does divorce is quite livable. Sorry about the rough parental time man

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Well, my mom came home after

Well, my mom came home after all. Phew!

They used to fight like this a few years ago. They almost got divorced but then something (personal) happened that brought them back together.

I'd hate to be back to that. Hearing them fight all day long, it's just awful.

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